Where are NutrilonStore products made?

All products are produced in European Union countries: Netherland, Germany, Poland and Ireland. All products are approved and determined for European Market.

Are offered only original (genuine) goods?

All our products are original, new and never opened. All products are in the original manufacture´s packing with all accessories supplied by the manufacturer and delivered from the manufacturer or our distributor. In the EU is impossible to find fakes! All products have unique EAN Number. Originally European Article Number, but now renamed International Article Number. All product include Batch Number.

Are you planning to offer any more products via the store?

Yes, we are owners of another e-shop with European baby products

I have heard about melamine in baby milk in China – Is NutrilonStore’s milk safe?

The Food Standard Agency states that “no baby milk manufactured in China can be sold legally in the EU” and that manufacturers of baby milks sold in the EU cannot use any milk or milk products imported from China.

What is the minimum shelf life of our Nutrilon products?

Usually 2 years, at least 15 months from loading date.

Can I request items not listed in NutrilonStore?

Yes, complete our contact form and we will do our very best to add the product to the shop. We will email you when the item has been added and is available to buy.


Where we are from?

We are a company from Czech Republic, Europe.

Who we are?

We are a company We have thousand satisfied costumers all of the world.


How we ship?

All products we ship in original packing from Nutricia company.

Do we ship outside Europe?


When will be the parcel sent?

We ship your parcel within 48 hours. The transit time within Europe will be around 2 till 6 days. Outside Europe the transit time will be around 4 till 15 days.

How do I track my order?

For information regarding delivery and order tracking please click here

What are you delivery charges?

For information regarding delivery and order tracking please click here


What about other questions?

Please contact us and we promise you right now that one of our employees will answer your question as soon as possible! For more information please contact us via

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