About Nutrilon Store

100% European Standard In compliance with European Union’s food safety laws, the formulation and source composition of our products are safe and reliable.

Milk is inseparable from the beginning and often the only food your baby, and therefore we pay attention to its selection. Nutrilon offers a portfolio of products for both healthy children and children who have specific nutritional requirements.

Why NutrilonStore?

At the beginning of our e-shop was the effort to help our friends who had to move abroad due to professional reasons, especially to Asia. They moved with their whole families, mostly with small children. In Asia they could hardly found the safe baby food related to European standards they were accustomed at home.

They approached us because we already operate e-commerce with children's goods and nutrition in the Czech Republic and then we have therefore started sending the goods especially the baby food them abroad.

Soon learned about this many of their local colleagues, especially from China and asked us to send the same goods for their babies. Now we have expanded the catalog of the German children's milk, which we sell in Europe.

The children of our friends have already grown up, but we still continue to offer goods for customers in Asia.

We offer only original European goods!

Our company

We are a company from Europe, exactly from Czech Republic, European Union area. If you look at the map, you can see located our company in Prague, Czech Republic in the middle of Europe. That is the reason why we are able to offer wide range of European Nutricia baby products in our e-shop Nutrilon Store.

The most famous baby food brand is Nutrilon. Nutricia has a wide scale succeeded in infant nutrition for babies and children starting from 0 years.

All our products are original, new and never opened. All products are in the original manufacturer´s packing with all accessories supplied by the manufacturer (Nutricia) and delivered from the manufacturer or our distributor. In the EU is not possible to get fakes!

All products are made in Ireland, Germany or Holland (Netherland).

Description of our Nutrilon and Aptamil products

  • We offer wide selection of high quality European Nutricia food and formula at NutrilonStore.com
  • All our products are authentic and original
  • All our products are produced in the European Union (Germany, Holland, Ireland…)
  • All products are by NUTRICIA company
  • All products have unique EAN Number. Originally European Article Number, but now renamed International Article Number
  • All products include Batch Number
  • Milk products are from the latetest production and with the longest possible expiry date
  • Shelf life: 2 years, at least 15 months from loading date

About Nutricia

In 1894 a German professor Alexander Backhaus succeeds in developing food that is suitable for infants. In 1896 Martinus van der Hagen, founder of the steam dairy factory in Zegwaard, gains the exclusive rights to produce food for baby from cow milk with the Backhaus-method. In 1901 the N.V.

Nutricia is founded. Nutricia, from the Latun word ‘nutrire’ (= feeding), means something like feeder of little. This has been the symbol of Nutricia for years.

has had close connections with the medical profession for a long time. During the First World War the first diet products were developed jointly, amongst others there were low sugar milk for diabetics and iodinated milk for goitre patients.

After the Second World War Nutricia developed itself more and more as a producer of knowledge-intensive foods, with its own Research department and tasting factory. Besides the food Nutricia also hold service in high esteem. Around the fifties a team of traveling dietitians was founded. They taught doctors and nurses. Around the eighties we can see the development of the current Customer support.

The products of Nutricia were in the beginning sold in special Nutricia shops. Later the products we distributed via supermarkets, drugstores and pharmacies.

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